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Why learn with a MASTER TRAINER

A Master Trainer has superior teaching skills, he/she will explain things to you in a way you'll understand the whole concept of driving and the rules much better, resulting in you being a better driver and needing fewer lessons.

  • A Master Trainer will be punctual, dependable, reliable and trustworthy.
  • A Master Trainer will be someone who has gained many years of experience and skills all related to driving and teaching methods.

Remember top quality training is not expensive, it's priceless. For most of us the most dangerous thing we will do is to drive a car. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to get the best training available to you.

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Your first driving lesson NEVER DRIVEN A CAR?

We guarantee you will enjoy your first lesson with us. If you have never driven before, your instructor will drive you to a car park.
driving instructor north lakes

At the park you will be introduced to the controls, shown how to adjust the seats and mirrors. Having done blind spot checks, then you will be taught how to steer the car. Your instructor will be working the pedals, you will only be steering. When you are happy with steering in the park, then and only then will you venture onto the road. This will be a very quiet road. Your instructor will still be operating the pedals, checking mirrors etc.

Gradually as you build confidence then and only then will you go a little further. We guarantee at the end of your first lesson you will arrive home with a smile on your face.

driving instructor north lakes

Why have lessons with A PROFESSIONAL

Many learners and parents fall out with each other over driving lessons, simply because parents get stressed out by not being able to take over when an awkward situation develops. They shout at the learner, then the learner senses his/her parent is stressed and this in turn causes the learner to get stressed out and then the whole thing falls apart. Our cars are fitted with dual controls, so you can rest assured we can quickly and safely take over if necessary.

Most drivers steer incorrectly. Incorrect steering can easily put the car into a skid. We would teach the correct way to steer.
Our instructors are familiar with and kept up to date with any road rule changes. E.g Many drivers indicate incorrectly at roundabouts.

You will be taught all about driving by a patient, understanding professional who will not yell at you, but will not only prepare you for your test but for the rest of your driving life. You will be taught methods of defensive driving, learning where, when and how to look for other traffic and much more.

You will get three hours on your logbook for every one hour lesson for up to ten hours with a professional instructor. That ten hours with an instructor equates to thirty hours in your logbook.

We pick up and drop you off at your home. Mum or Dad are most welcome to come along while you are having your lesson.

ABA Driving Academy

3 Allister Crescent
Queensland 4022

Phone:0448 842 821
Email: info@abadriving.com.au
local driving schools